Dear Quilting and Needlework Friends,

It seems I've had a needle in my hand for as long as I can remember. Both my Mom and Grandma were very accomplished in all types of needlework. Mom knew how to knit, crochet, embroider, and sew. My Grandma was a master of crochet. She crocheted mostly doilies and sewed patchwork quilts with old clothes and aprons. I even remember her stitching an appliqué pillow with a cornucopia and flower design. I believe my love for quilting and appliqué began in my Grandma's sewing room. Grandma had a small sewing room but it was very warm and cozy. Perhaps it was just the button jars or maybe all the scraps of fabric of different colors and designs; but, I knew some day that I wanted to learn to quilt.

Mom taught me and my sister how to embroider at young ages. We embroidered small samplers, dresser scarves and pillowcases from stamped embroidery goods purchased from the "dime store." We learned how to knit and crochet as well. Mom taught us to sew by hand and machine. I enjoyed sewing by hand.

One year for Christmas, I got a knitting case, yarn, and a pattern to knit a sweater. Mom taught me to knit that winter. The sweater was knit with size 2 needles. Wow! I quickly learned that it took a long time to knit an inch on size 2 needles. I'm not sure if I ever finished that sweater; but, I did like to knit.

Through the years, my sister and I continued to master all that Mom taught us. I especially liked to do handwork. It wasn't until I married and was raising my family that I purchased my first sewing machine. I sewed for myself, my family, and home. When our youngest daughter asked for "designer jeans" I knew it was time for a new love - "QUILTING."

Learning about quilting was difficult at first. It seemed one had to know someone who was a master quilter to learn how to piece and quilt. I had a difficult time finding a pattern or even the right needle to use. I searched for quilt kits as well. I was hoping perhaps to find a kit to make a log cabin quilt. I finally learned that there was a quilt store near our home. Although, there were many beautiful fabrics, there was nothing there I was looking for except "fabric" and lots of it. But, they offered quilting classes and I quickly signed up for a hand piecing class. I enjoyed the class and loved learning about all of the different blocks and their origin. Over the years, I have mastered the hand quilting and appliqué stitch. I recently began designing appliqué patterns and quilt patterns consisting of patchwork and appliqué.

"Petals & Blooms Quilts and Needlework" was established for the handwork enthusiast in mind. Our products have been carefully selected to provide the supplies needed to hand embroider, piece, appliqué or quilt your "special" project.

Happy Stitching,
Pat Brackman
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